Healthy Organic Recipes

To be honest, I don’t love to cook.  It’s not the worst thing in the world to me, but I’d rather be served all my meals by a personal chef named “Chaz”. This likely will not happen in the near future ;) so, until that time I will continue to cook pretty much everything I eat myself. I rarely eat out at restaurants, because it is nearly impossible (where I live) to find a restaurant that serves organic food without additives. Actually, make that totally impossible. In all of these healthy recipes, I use organic ingredients as long as it is available. I also try to make them fast. I’ve got better things to do than cook all day! I don’t have a fancy kitchen and my picture taking skills are horrid, but I dare you to say this food doesn’t taste good!

Healthy "Subway-Style" Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich Recipe

 “Subway-Style” Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich 

Nutty Chocolate Banana Protein Drink

“Starbucks-Style” Nutty Chocolate Banana Protein Drink

Berry Protein Smoothie Drink

Berry Protein Smoothie Drink

Vegetarian Breakfast Tacos Recipe

Breakfast Tacos